Are You Sure You Want Michigan on Your Team?…


Originally published in the Grand Rapids Business Journal, February 25, 2008

Let’s face it — for Michigan and us Michiganians herein, we haven’t had a great millennium so far. I’m not saying we don’t have potential. I’m just saying our track record for being right has not been good and that the smart money isn’t necessarily on us. Which makes it that much more pathetic that the Clinton camp is pushing hard to seat our delegates at the Democratic National Convention this summer.

If you recall, Michigan (and Florida) ticked off the Democratic Party by moving their primaries up in the calendar in hopes of relevancy. The party said, “Do it and we won’t seat your delegates.” They did it anyway. As a result, hardly any Democratic candidates campaigned here. Our Democratic governor Jennifer Granholm (a Clinton supporter) carried the state for Clinton. Now there that the race is again close, there is talk of seating the delegates and possible do-overs and fairness and “who’s going to pay for this?” and lots of assorted posturing.

I suppose the attention is nice, and maybe that lurch at relevancy is actually working out. But honestly, would you really want us on your team right now?

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