Modern Living Just Has Too Many Choices

Modern Living Just Has Too Many Choices

Originally published in the Ann Arbor News, Bay City Times, Flint Journal, Grand Rapids Press, Jackson Citizen Patriot, Kalamazoo Gazette, Muskegon Chronicle, Saginaw News
March 23, 2014

I was at a retreat a week ago Saturday, and we were on a break. There was one of those massive Costco boxes of snacks and I was sifting through looking for plain potato chips. There were nacho cheese this and barbecue that, sour cream with chive, double-stuff, spicy ranch, authentic Mexican, baked, reduced sodium, extra sodium, bonus-sized, Dorito, Frito, Cheeto. …but no plain potato chips. When you’re at a retreat, there’s a tendency to look for some deeper meaning or lesson. I don’t think there was one; I think it was pretty much “you ain’t gettin’ no potato chips.”┬áThen last week I was in a worry swirl about colleges and degrees and careers for my kids, and how I should look again at our cell phone plan for a better deal, and how life would be much better if there was just two flavors of potato chips. And then I remembered my deadline for the editorial cartoon was in a couple hours, so I’d better draw something.

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  1. Tyler said,

    April 1, 2014 @ 11:32 am

    I prefer paranoid elitist thanks!

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