Nobody Expects the Alaskan Politician!…


Originally published in the Grand Rapids Business Journal, September 15, 2008

Remember earlier this month when John McCain selected Sarah Palin as his running mate and the ensuing frenzy? Remember the fawning over the firecracker governor of Alaska, her tough speeches, he strong stances, her fresh appeal? You know, before the financial markets melted down. It seems so long ago. Good times.

But this is America, and we move on. It has become pretty clear pretty quickly that Governor Palin’s pick was almost entirely without merit. It’s not so much that she isn’t qualified to run the country, it’s that there are so many other Republicans, female Republicans who are way more qualified. It took me a while to identify my feelings on this but I think it’s very much the same how I felt when Bush 41 picked Dan Quayle to be his running mate in 1988 — that handsome, socially conservative young fella who the women folk will adore. Is he honestly ready to step in at any moment as President? Heck, no, but he sure is handsome. And for God’s sake, don’t let him talk to the press….

So my commentary above has to do with our governor, Jennifer Granholm, accepting an invitation to stand in as Sarah Palin to help Joe Biden prepare for the upcoming Vice Presidential candidate debate. (Assuming, of course, John McCain doesn’t unitarily suspend that, too.) I thought it’d be funny for her to use some newly practiced skills to defend her record, which isn’t great to say the least. But my favorite Palin-related bit was from an excellent comic strip called, “Get Fuzzy.” Satchel confuses Sarah Palin with Michael Palin of Monty Python fame and some of his legendary skits. In particular, the “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition” sketches because it is ludicrous and surreal and very, very silly. Like putting a two-year governor with absolutely no international diplomacy skills an unsteady heartbeat away from the presidency….

 Get Fuzzy


  1. Hoz said,

    September 26, 2008 @ 10:35 am

    I agree completely with you, John, except I’m not quite sure why you said, “It’s not so much that she isn’t qualified to run the country”.

    I think that’s exactly it. She’s hopelessly unqualified. And that reflects back on McCain. By making such a reckless decision, he makes it clear that he’s not fit to lead either.

  2. John Auchter said,

    September 26, 2008 @ 12:57 pm

    Yeah, I guess it’s kind of a semantic thing with me — I strongly suspect that Palin is not qualified to run the country, but there’s the possibility she could rise to the occasion. And what exactly would successfully running the country look like? I dunno. So instead of falling into the trap of “well how do you know exactly that she’s totally unqualified?” I decided to go the less dogmatic route. It’s an air-tight argument that McCain had better choices.

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