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Originally published in the Grand Rapids Business Journal, December 8, 2008

What’s the expression? Happier than a pig in, um, filth? If you imagine editorial cartoonists as pigs (not difficult, is it?) and bad news as filth, then I’d say the expression fits pretty well. Generally doom and despair are more fertile grounds for cartooning ideas than sunshine and rainbows.

Lately (say the entire year 2008) there has been no lack of bad news and to a large extent, I’ve just been going along for the ride. In fact, it has been difficult for me to choose from among many ideas. That’s good, but when ideas come easy there’s a danger of falling into a pattern. So for this week’s comic, I made a concerted effort to find another side.

Turns out if you look hard enough (which is to say you quit reading and listening to the news for five minutes), there are some good economic things happening out there — and the vast majority are with small and medium sized companies who intend to come out of this recession in a better position.

There. Next week we’ll get back to what sucks….

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