August Is Precious

August Is Precious

Also posted online at, August 8, 2015

 Here are three other pieces of dialogue I considered for Panel 4:

  • “What’s this Planned Parenthood thing all about?”
  • “What do you guys think about Obama’s new emission controls?”
  • “How ’bout those Tigers?”

In the end, I felt talking about an election that is 15 months away fits best the definition of “needless distraction.” It’s certainly the least controversial — especially the Tigers topic. I mean, what the heck happened there? The season had such potential, such promise. Then a few injuries, the bullpen never gels, inconsistent offense — boom! It all implodes. They trade away their ace, their closer, an all-star left fielder. Now Dombrowski is gone. And… wait… sorry….

Back to the original point: It’s summertime and the living’s easy. It’s our best hope to recharge. And February will be here soon enough.

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