Protecting Privacy the GOP Way

Protecting Privacy the GOP Way

There is a fantastic children’s book called Everyone Poops by Tarō Gomi. It was one of our kids favorites — fun to read and engaging artwork (actual images of poop, notwithstanding). It’s not much of a spoiler to tell you it’s about the fact that every human, every living animal, eliminates waste. And although there may be great variation in size and shape, it is something we all have to do, a universally shared experience. (My favorite part: “A one-hump camel makes a one-hump poop. And a two-hump camel makes a two-hump poop. …only kidding!”)

And so as human animals we universally share the need to take care of business in a safe, relatively dignified place, right? So whatever you think about transgender people, we can all start there. And I think that’s where the Michigan school board did start when it was tasked with developing some volunteer guidelines to ensure a place for all children to take care of business.

Now many people have legitimate concerns about how, functionally, that is going to happen and the effects it might have on them and their children. Yes, of course. Let’s talk about that. Let’s learn more. Let’s figure it out. But let’s keep in mind the overarching goals (safety, dignity) and avoid reactionary legislation, such as a bill Senator Tom Casperson is planning to introduce. As North Carolina has demonstrated, it would just make matters worse. Everyone poops, Senator. But nobody has to be a poop.


  1. Kris said,

    April 29, 2016 @ 7:28 am

    Safety, dignity, and I like to hope for cleanliness. I agree with all that you’ve said and would like to add that just as everyone eliminates waste, we also try our best to avoid having to use a public restroom in the first place.

  2. NativeOfMichigan said,

    April 30, 2016 @ 10:33 pm

    Please don’t let Arlan see this cartoon. After all, he might get the idea of checking out the stalls in every bathroom he enters. Of course, he will need a -stool- to stand on!

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