Michigan GOP Bizarro World

Michigan GOP Bizarro World

Pointing out the inconsistencies and hypocrisies in politics has always been the go-to source for material for editorial cartooning. But in this year’s bizarro election cycle — oh my goodness! — it’s shooting fish in a barrel!

Of course tea party activist Wendy Day was dismissed from her job as grassroots vice chair of the Michigan Republican Party for leading a grassroots effort against tea party favorite Donald Trump. Naturally party chair Ronna Romney McDaniel justified her decision by emphasizing the supreme importance of party loyalty just as the party presidential nominee “unshackles” himself for a pitched battle with fellow Republicans. This stuff writes itself!

So it only makes sense that this year Democrats — the party heretofore known for their dysfunction — pulled strings behind the scenes to nominate a presidential candidate who (like her or not) actually aligns with the party platform. And Republicans — the party heretofore known for their absolute top-down control — ended up with a presidential candidate who is completely devoid of any virtue they supposedly represent: family values, business integrity, Christian morality, not whining. It’s almost too easy.

Maybe the true bizarro world would be one in which the inconsistencies and hypocrisies are difficult to find. As an editorial cartoonist that would present a challenge. As an American citizen, it’d be wonderful to have such a challenge.

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