Just Listen to Me! I Can Tell You How to Vote!

Just Listen to Me! I Can Tell You How to Vote!

In the spirit of today’s cartoon, allow me to tell you some things that you already know:

  • That brother-in-law prolifically posting those unbelievably inaccurate memes from organizations like “FreedomPatriotAmericaLibertyNews”? Your delightfully clever yet cutting reply in the comments is not going to change his mind.
  • That dear church friend who prays right next to you and yet has diametrically opposing political views? Your unsolicited email detailing (with source citations and color-coded charts) the errors in her thinking is not going to change her mind.
  • Those co-workers having a conversation in the next cubicle in which they merrily parrot the lies fabricated by those extremist lie fabricators you absolutely detest? Your helpful interruption to set them straight and save them from a life of further ignorance will not change their minds.

Aggravating, isn’t it? It just seems that… I mean if they could only… But, but I’d actually be helping them if… *Sigh* In our heart of hearts we know giving in to those impulses will cause more harm than good. How do we know? Because we hate it when other people do it to us.

But cheer up. After the election, you can move on to the next phase. Unfortunately, that next phase involves not telling these very same people “I told you so” or “I still think you’re wrong” — depending on the election results.

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