It’s Time to Play…Family Feud!

It’s Time to Play…Family Feud!

In writing these little “support” articles for my cartoons over the years, more than a few readers have made a point of telling me how much they hate having the cartoon “explained” to them. They feel the cartoon should stand on its own, and it definitely should. I get that. My intention is not to explain the cartoon but to add context to the subject, present a counter-view, or provide bonus value.

However, if you are one of those readers, you might want to move on because I’m gonna straight up explain this one.

The point of the cartoon: Telling people to shut up, stop whining, and get over it is unkind and if you are doing it, I am trying to shame you into stopping by pointing out the company that you are keeping.

It’s not about sides, it’s not political parties. I know all the rabbit holes we can take this down. “But Obama…” and “Well, Bush and Gore…” and “I just feel that…” and so on. It’s not about any of that either. It’s about trying to be a better human being.

Also, you should know that my entire memory of Family Feud comes from being sick as kid, staying home from school, and watching it on daytime TV. I assume the current incarnation is the same thing. I didn’t research it beyond noting that the host is different. (Steve Harvey doesn’t get all smoochy with the ladies the way Richard Dawson used to, does he? I sure hope not.)

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