Ignore That Guy — Here’s $400!

Ignore That Guy — Here's $400!

Please note: I am going to accept my $400 per insured vehicle refund check from the state unreservedly and with a clear conscience. As should anybody who has been paying (almost certainly overpaying) into the catastrophic injury fund these many, many years.

Another way of putting it: Michigan auto owners did not create the harsh mistakes generated by the 2019 no-fault insurance reform law — the insurance companies and the state government did. And while I don’t believe cutting off severely injured car crash survivors from their at-home care was anybody’s specific evil intent, the end result is, well, pretty evil.

Michigan Radio has done a thorough job reporting on all this since the in-home care market started cratering. It’s not a simple problem to unwind. Frankly, it’s stupid that we have it in the first place. In a civilized country, those who are severely injured (by auto accident or otherwise) would not be left to fear losing proper, decent, human health care.

But this is where we find ourselves, and our government needs to work with the insurance companies to fix it. Because it’s literally killing people.

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