You’re Ruining the Only Safe Talking Point

You're Ruining the Only Safe Talking Point

“The decision to protect unborn life should be left up to each state.” That’s a direct quote from US Rep. Tim Walberg. The Detroit Free Press got reactions from various Michigan politicians to the Roe vs. Wade leaked draft opinion from the Supreme Court, and that was his.

Of course he prefaced it with a fair amount of righteous indignation about the manner in which the news was leaked.

“The SCOTUS leak is a brazen and wholly unacceptable attempt at intimidation. Getting to the bottom of this should be the top priority of the DOJ today to preserve the integrity of the court.”

That, of course, is also a safe talking point. But I would argue it’s not about abortion. It’s about avoiding talking about abortion.

Look, it’s cards on the table time. If you’re a politician who wants to make abortion illegal, own it. Say it directly. Tell everybody what your end game is. Stop trying to hedge with “I think the states should…” and all the other “well, constitutionally…” dodges. Let voters know so they know exactly who they are voting for (or against).

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