Irony Is Dead

Irony Is Dead

It’s important to note that editorial cartoonists are responsible for pointing out political hypocrisies that we see, and not for fully documenting all that exist. This is because, one, there are obviously way too many to document. And two, not all political hypocrisies resonate the same way.

For me this week, the one that resonated involved the troubles that several Republican candidates for governor found themselves in after submitting fraudulent signatures on forms required for inclusion on the August primary ballot. They didn’t seem to have nefarious intentions in submitting those petitions — it was more about their campaigns not doing their due diligence in verifying how they were collected.

That didn’t get me. What did get me was Michigan GOP Chairman Ron Weiser declaring war, “This is far from over!” and immediately deflecting by accusing Democrats of trying to take away choice from voters. The double-down is, of course, to be expected these days. But it’s doubling-down on the opposite of what you, mere moments before, were arguing against that makes it stand out. (Wait, are you for or against the integrity of our election laws? Because you’re making it really hard to tell.)

Now, it between the time I drew the cartoon and before it will be published, the Michigan Board of State Canvassers have decided to officially disqualify five GOP candidates for governor. It will be interesting to see how the party and the individual campaigns might play the victim card moving forward.

Anyway, yes, there were lots of other maddening political hypocrisies this week. (I could have certainly addressed the gun violence epidemic again.) But you gotta go with the one that hits you.

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