Graceful Acceptance 

Graceful Acceptance

I don’t like Led Zeppelin. Who knows exactly why? I mean, the first obvious reason would be the music — for whatever reason, their music simply does not fall into my “like” zone. This is hardly a defensible position. There is lots of music I do like that would, by all sorts of standards, not match up with Led Zeppelin’s music. But that’s just how arbitrary musical preferences can be. You might say I was born this way.

The more likely reason, however, is that I have been told repeatedly that I should like it. I went through my Beatles phase. I went next to discovering The Who, The Kinks, and other British bands. So a natural progression for a white, middle-class suburban boy 40 years ago was to like Led Zeppelin. In fact, it was aggressively encouraged by my peers. So I obstinately refused to do it.

All that to say, I have some appreciation for those who are inclined to resist when it feels like they’re being pushed into acceptance. And I’m sure President Biden recently signing into law the Respect for Marriage Act triggered some of those feelings. But my willingness to commiserate further depends on how somebody acts on those feelings.

For me, I’m perfectly capable and willing to live harmoniously in a world where other people like Led Zeppelin and I don’t.

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  1. Jef Mallett said,

    December 16, 2022 @ 8:48 am

    Beautiful, insightful and from a different angle than we’re used to. All the things I love in an editorial cartoon. And you do it regularly. Reliably, even.

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