Grandville Symphony Orchestra

We hear enough bad things about failing schools and wasted public funds — how about a success story? I submit to you the orchestra program at Grandville Public Schools. Check out these YouTube links that my friend Jim Wildgen posted:

These are high school kids from a middle class school system. The three selections are from a recent concert, which was actually only a tune-up ahead of their annual competition. You don’t have to be a classical music fan to appreciate how extraordinary it is for a group this size to work together so well. It’s amazing to me. (Full disclosure: That alabaster cellist in the first chair is my daughter Elisira.)

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  1. Brother Mike said,

    March 5, 2010 @ 12:41 pm

    Kudos to Jim. I was able to watch all three clips in HD. Not quite like being there but boy, was I ever proud of Ellie!

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