Popular Apologies That Don’t Work in the Business World…


Originally published in the Grand Rapids Business Journal, December 4, 2006

I’m sorry. I apologize if you found anything to be offensive in this week’s comic. I never intended for you to misinterpret my sincere efforts to inform and entertain you. I just want to make clear that any negative reactions on your part were totally unanticipated and that I had the very best of intentions, so if I’m guilty of giving 110% and falling short of that goal, then I have nobody to blame except the medication that I may or may not have been under the influence of during the creative process. It is times like these that I’m proud to have my family standing with me, supporting me, and perhaps whispering the very ideas you found offensive in my ear while I sleep. I don’t want to point any fingers, but I do have cats that scratch and bite me at times, and it’s very, very painful. (Please give me a moment while I compose myself.) When I return from rehab I hope to begin the healing process by giving you enough time for you to forget what it was that I did or did not do at the time in which we found out that Britney Spears is getting a divorce. Can you believe that? You should probably read more about that. Anyway, the terrorists are winning and you only have yourselves and your heterosexual lifestyles to blame. Strong words, yes, but I am not afraid to admit failure on your part.

But mostly I believe deep in my heart my gut tells me I’m right and you have to listen to your gut no matter what because weak people who are easily offended by comics don’t listen to their guts ever. Their guts are wrong but should be listened to. I’m no bigot about guts. No matter how disgusting and inferior yours might be, you must listen to them. Mistakes were made. That’s right, mistakes were made. But we must work together to sweep these away to make room for the new mistakes. Otherwise there will be a big pile of mistakes, and I won’t be able to do and say whatever I want to do or say whenever I want to do or say it without responsibility or consequences. And that’s un-American. You should be ashamed you even thought of that. And if I unintentionally aided you somehow toward these traitorous ends, well, for that I am sorry. I forgive you.

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