What the Heck Is a “Virg Bernero”?…

Originally published in the Grand Rapids Press, October 2, 2010

I am not quite sure whether I am very proud of or sorely disappointed in the potential voters of West Michigan. It seems we will be voting for governor in less than a month and the disinterest is palpable. That is, the air is thick with not caring. Apathy is skyrocketing?… As you can see, I’m having some difficulty putting it into words. But the feeling I get is that it is very cool the governor’s race has not (yet) turned into a mudslinging sideshow of partisan bickering. And yet, it might be nice if voters had some idea of who in fact was running. (Point of information: Rick Snyder is the Republican candidate; Virg Bernero is the Democrat.) But, hey — the truth is, we’ve been pretty dazzled by ArtPrize around here, and if that’s the big distraction, the governor thing can wait.

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