But No Transcripts… What? Don’t You Trust Me?


I created this comic knowing full well that the Business Journal wouldn’t print it. Not that there was anything terribly objectionable with it. It’s just that I gave them this comic and the one in the previous post to choose from. That one was about state/local issues, and those are the ones they prefer.

So even though I liked this one better, I wasn’t disappointed. Plus it only took me about 10 minutes to do….

As for the comic itself. Well, words fail. I was astounded, astonished, outraged, blown-away, (I could go to the Thesaurus and get more) that the White House would offer to have Rove, Meiers, et al testify to Congress on the whole US Attorney debacle, but only if there was no record of the meeting, no transcripts, no accountability. Really. Seriously.

But then I said to myself, “Damn! How can I get in on some of that sweet no accountability action?!” Alas. I didn’t work for them, and it didn’t work for me….

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